Here's Why Standing At Your Desk Could Be A Better Way To Work

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Tired of sitting down all day?

Moving around improves circulation, posture and brain function, studies show, and offices where employees sit down all day are inhibiting staff from working to their full potential.

Enter the height-adjustable desk, where people can sit or stand, without having to leave the workstation.

They can raise it to show something on their screen while others gather round. You can roll it out on wheels to make space for something else. You can sit on it.

It’s all part of the activity based working trend that has given rise to not-so-popular hot desking and break out areas where people can work away from their desks, which are taking up more space than underused conference rooms in office redesigns,  Peter Townsend, NSW state manager at workstation manufacturer Zenith, said.

Herman Miller

Although they are not mainstream yet height-adjustable desks have become more popular across a  broad range of industries over the last 12 months, and Zenith have installed them in offices of around 300 staff, Mr Townsend said. He is certain they will become more popular in future.

“Some people just prefer to stand to do their work,” he said.

“I’m definitely more productive when I stand up,” said a product manager at a benchmark data service provider in Sydney.

“I also feel more alert and if I’m feeling drowsy after lunch I can stand the desk up and feel more awake and get work done. I really do think the stand-up desk has made a big difference to my working day.”

The known health benefits mean staff will feel more valued if they are given the option to stand, said Caroline Perry, marketing director at Herman Miller.

“It refreshes your mind and muscle groups, takes pressure off the back, improves circulation, and increases productivity and wellbeing in the office. People feel looked after,” she said.

“Ergonomically, height-adjustable desks encourage movement in the office and as people move around, collaborate more, and you can use them in a much more efficient way.”

You could even put a treadmillunder your stand up desk, if it makes you more productive.

Movement in the office and the increased need for collaboration has also given rise to Herman Miller’s latest product the Arras Spine; a freestanding bench that houses power, cables and data, so desks, tables and tools can slide in alongside, Ms Perry said.

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