Detroit Pistons Coach Stan Van Gundy Had The Perfect Response To An Opponents' Trash Talk

The Phoenix Suns beat the Detroit Pistons Wednesday night in a narrow 88-86 contest. The Pistons had the chance to take the win on the final play when second-year guard Kentavius Caldwell-Pope missed a three-point attempt with six seconds remaining.

After the game, Suns forward Markieff Morris, who had to be separated from Caldwell-Pope in the game when they got in a shouting match, said the Suns weren’t worried at all about Caldwell-Pope’s final shot.

“Caldwell-Pope got it and you know he doesn’t have any heart, so we knew he was going to miss.”

Caldwell-Pope for his part shrugged it off saying it was heat-of-the-moment stuff.

However, Pistons head coach Stan Van Gundy shot back at Morris when he heard the remark:

“I’m not quite sure – maybe he knows – I’m not quite sure what Markieff Morris has accomplished in the league that gets him to the point of mouthing off. I mean, I don’t like the mouthing off anyway.

“It seems to me you should at least participate in a playoff game before you do. But maybe not, maybe that’s not the standard anymore.”

Van Gundy has a point. The Suns haven’t reached the playoffs during Morris’ first three years, and the Suns’ narrow escape from Detroit came after they blew an eight-point lead in the final two minutes. Caldwell-Pope was a good candidate to take that final shot — he had two three-pointers in the Pistons’ rally from behind.

Caldwell-Pope said he’ll keep Morris’ words in mind when the two teams play next month.

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