Introducing Stamped 2.0, The Wishlist App That Hollywood Celebs Are Obsessed With

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Earlier today we introduced you to Stamped, a refreshed app that aims to change the way you keep track of your favourite things.The new version works similarly to Twitter, and is an awesome place to keep all of your favourite things, from restaurants to books, movies, and music.

Alyson Shontell spoke with the developers and she observes,  “stamped creates personalised guides for users based on their interests and their friends’ recommendations. It pulls together lists of books, restaurants, movies and songs for users to try based on suggestions from trusted people and publishers. The New York Times, for example, will be putting all of its Best Sellers on Stamped as book recommendations.”

Keep reading to take a look at the app and start collecting your favourite digital things.

Tap to open. We like the Stamped icon.

We like the Stamped logo.

The app welcomes you to the new version and shows you all of the improvements.

The feed has been revamped. And now includes more than just restaurants.

Michael Kors recommends NYC restaurant Red Rooster.

Another new addition is the sidebars. These make it easy to get around the app.

You can now see suggestions for Eating/Drinking, Reading, Listening, Movies/TV, and Download (Apps)

The app is much more interactive we love the hidden sidebars.

Here are the most popular stamps in our area.

Here is an example of suggested music. Remember the more you use the app the better the suggestions will be.

Book suggestions...

App suggestions...

Movie and TV Show suggestions...

And finally here are some settings...check out Stamped and start using it today.

Now check this out...

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