15 Staggering Facts About Thanksgiving Spending


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We’re not far from celebrating one of the greatest holidays of the year: Thanksgiving.Amazing American foods such as turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potato fries, rich pumpkin pie, and alcohol (that’s a food, right?) make it all the more worthwhile.

We’ve rounded up some holiday facts that are sure to surprise you.

Last year online shoppers spent more than $400 million on Thanksgiving day.

The average American will eat $17 worth (or 16 lbs) of turkey this year.

Nearly 25 per cent of Americans say they aren't travelling for Thanksgiving this year because they can't afford it.

Grocery shoppers will spend more than $141 million on pumpkins.

Techies will spend at least 5 per cent more on some name brand electronics if they get them after Thanksgiving weekend.

travellers will get the best airfare deals on Thanksgiving day.

Source: SmartMoney.com

But Americans will spend more on the last Saturday before Christmas than on Black Friday.

Thanksgiving season airline tickets shot up $30 more this year than last year.

Americans will fork over $15 billion to the turkey farming industry in 2011.

Peas at this year's Thanksgiving meal will cost 16 per cent more than last year.

travellers should expect better discounts on the Monday after Thanksgiving (Cyber Monday) than on Black Friday.

Americans have doubled how much turkey they purchase in the past 30 years.

Consumers will pay record amounts for gas during Thanksgiving weekend this year compared to all the Thanksgiving weekends on record.

Consumers will spend 7.5 times more for one pound of tofurkey than they will on one pound of regular turkey.

On average, Americans spent 25 per cent more per person in 2008 compared to 2010 during Thanksgiving week.

Source: Gallup

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