Staff at Blackmores are getting an extra 4 weeks pay as a bonus

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for MARTINI Sparkling Wines

Employees as well as shareholders are being richly rewarded for the record half year profit result at Blackmores.

The company has a program where 10% of profits are redistributed back to staff.

Blackmores today posted a 160% rise in half-year profit to $48 million on scorching demand for its vitamins in China and Asia.

That translates into an extra 22 days of pay for about 1000 employees at Blackmores.

Shareholders got a $2 a share fully franked dividend, almost triple the 68 cents of last year.

In August last year, staff got six weeks extra on the full year results.

This time it’s more than four weeks on just six months operations which means they’ve received more than 10 weeks in extra pay in just six months.

The company has a strong culture of staff share ownership: 10 of its top 30 shareholders are current or past employees.