Q&A Network StackExchange Is Blowing Up

Stack Exchange, the startup that runs a network of Q&A sites on topics like programming, photography and cooking, is still growing like gangbusters.

In a blog post, co-founder/CEO Joel Spolsky writes that Quantcast ranks them as a top 300 US site (ranked 255) with 14 million monthly uniques, and their internal Google Analytics numbers says they have 24 million monthly uniques across their network. Traffic overall grew 18% last month.

Spolsky also slams Compete.com, which has them at less than 1 million uniques and declining.

As Q&A sites like Quora get huge hype but little visible results it’s nice to see Stack Exchange be visible about their results and actually growing fast and attracting real people. Answers.com recently sold for a low number compared to its traffic because its ad inventory is low quality, but because Stack Exchange only has Q&A sites over verticals where it has enough people giving specific answers to questions, it should be able to monetise much better.

Here’s Stack Exchange’s Quantcast growth chart:

stack exchange quantcast traffic

[credit provider=”Stack Exchange”]

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