Wait Until You See This Office With Super Mario Themed Bathrooms And An Xbox Alcove

Stack Exchange 19Stack ExchangeStack Exchange has a really cool office.

Last week, we went downtown to the offices of Stack Exchange, the headquarters for a network of question-and-answer websites on topics in many different fields, each site covering a specific topic, where questions, answers, and users are subject to a reputation award process.

Start the tour now!

The office is awesome. Located in the Financial District of Manhattan, just blocks away from the Stock Exchange, the Stack Exchange office is fun, colourful and full of personality.

From the hot meals served up each day in the kitchen, to the video game room, to the Super Mario themed bathrooms, we were pretty impressed with their office space. So are the people who work there; some of them even told us what they loved best about it.

Oh, and wait til you see the view!

Welcome to the Stack Exchange!

Grab a cup of coffee from the espresso machine.

Everyone loves a good meme!

Unicorns are everywhere in the Stack Exchange office. More of this to come...

Wait, is that...?

Yes. Those are 'No Strings Attached' NSYNC dolls. (Notice the views?)

Lots of open space to work, collaborate and take in some sunlight.

There's even a 'Central Park' themed space with a little bit of turf grass and benches.

An open floor plan allows everyone to work together.

It's definitely a colourful office.

'I love working here because I am never the smartest person in the room. EVER.'

'I love coming in to a sun soaked office with views of the east river!'

All of the Stack Exchange employees personalise their office space.

Val Kilmer a la 'Top Gun'; the perfect decor.

See those desks? With the click of a button they go from regular desks to standing desks.

It's like a garden in there.

This is the best. A Super Mario themed bathroom!

It keeps going.

Oh yeah, and the toilets are heated.

The swag closet!

There's a unicorn!

Time for lunch. Every day at noon, a hot meal, fresh salad bar and dessert is prepared.


Inside the kitchen where the magic happens.

'We all eat lunch together each day which is both fun and a valuable tool for collaboration outside normal working conditions.'

Or if you'd rather have a burrito...

or pretty much any brand of yogurt imaginable...

There are snacks...

...and mac and cheese.

There are plenty of places to sit and get work done if you need a break from your desk.

'From our whiteboard-walled alcoves to the window seats along our cafe bar, it makes it so much easier to get to know your coworkers when there are spaces to sit and strike up a conversation.'

It's pretty amazing.

This poster has illustrations of all of the different video game controllers from over the years.

Naturally, the poster is on the walls of the Xbox room. 'Sometimes we play during lunch, or if we need a quick 5 minute break,' an employee told us.

Or if you're feeling sportier...

Ping pong!

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