Here's The Incredible Lunch Employees At New York Startup Stack Exchange Eat Every Day

Stack exchange chefsMadeline Stone/Business InsiderPhil Sireci and Shanna Sobel in the Stack Exchange kitchen.

We’ve heard a lot about the crazy perks tech startups offer their employees.

But at Stack Exchange, a Financial District-based startup that hosts a network of question-and-answer sites, chefs Phil Sireci and Shanna Sobel serve up some amazing meals that top them all.

From company favourite “breakfast for lunch” to gourmet duck l’orange, Sireci and Sobel make sure that no Stacker is ever left hungry or unsatisfied.

“The good thing about this place is that it’s not really lunch. We cook dinner that just happens to be at lunchtime,” Sireci said to Business Insider. “I look at this as a special every day.”

We took a lunchtime trip to Stack Exchange to meet Sireci and Sobel. We were blown away by what they’re doing in this startup’s kitchen.

Welcome to the Stack Exchange kitchen, in New York's Financial District.

Meet Phil Sireci and Shanna Sobel. The Stack Exchange chefs are not usually this intimidating.

Shanna's a huge Dave Matthews Band fan, hence the fire dancer stickers. She played their music in the kitchen so much that now Phil likes them, too.

You really can't beat the view from up here on the 28th floor. Phil usually arrives at around 5:30 a.m. to watch the sunrise and start prep for the day's meal.

We arrived at 11:40, when they were finishing up prep work for the day's lunch. On the menu: shoyu marinated chicken, miso butter swordfish, vegetable dumplings, ginger garlic bok choy, and shishito peppers.

This isn't even all of the food they cooked for the day. In total, they used 20 chickens, 25 pounds of swordfish, 200 pounds of shishito peppers, and 300 dumplings to feed the company's 100 or so employees.

The rest of the food is keeping warm in here. In keeping with the building's fire codes, all of the kitchen's appliances are electric.

And for dessert, Shanna made creamsicle panna cotta, a mix of passionfruit and vanilla flavours.

Once everything's ready, they put the food in these serving dishes out in the eating area.

It all looked amazing.

Here are those dumplings, the vegetarian option for the day.

The chicken is coated in a marinade similar to soy sauce.

Here's the swordfish, served with miso butter.

And the bok choy and shishito peppers.

There's also this salad bar that changes every day. The daily menu is on display as well.

Here's the lunch room where everyone eats together.

Once the food is out, the office manager sends out an email to the office, and everyone forms a line to grab some grub.

My plate of food looks fresh and delicious.

The pair poses in front of their health department 'A' rating, which some Stackers gave a little upgrade.

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