A St. Louis Sporting Goods Store Has Decided To Give Its Albert Pujols Apparel Away For Free

Albert Pujols apparel

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Once you get past the St. Louis Cardinals organisation, the fans, the city and a host of others affected by the loss of Albert Pujols, you get to retailers.What are St. Louis-based online and brick and mortar stores going to do about the hordes of Pujols product now clogging their warehouses? 

Pro Image Sports has a plan – give it away.


“It wasn’t going to do any good to knock them down to $5 or $10,” franchise owner Paul Russo said. “So I decided to prove a point that it’s not about the money, just like Albert said. Except he lied, and we didn’t.” 

We’re not sure if this is noble or stupid. We just know St. Louis-area sporting goods stores are soon to be out a lot of money.

If only there was someone out there that recently fell into large sums of cash willing to help out St. Louisans…