St. Louis Blues fans chant ‘Stan Kroenke sucks’ in first game since NFL voted to move Rams

Days following the Rams departure from St. Louis, the city’s remaining two teams showed their commitment to St. Louis and its fans during a small pregame celebration on Thursday night prior to the Blues/Hurricanes game. 

“Tonight we want to celebrate our home town of St. Louis, the best sports city in America” the arena’s announcer said. “Today and into the future.”

In a nice showing of solidarity, Cardinals president Bill Dewitt III and Blues owner Tom Stillman together graced the ice for the celebratory puck drop. As the duo posed for pictures, wearing jackets of each other’s team, fans in the arena sent a message loud and clear to the most hated man in St. Louis — Rams’ owner Stan Kroenke. The chants continued to erupt sporadically throughout the game.


 The Blues lost 4-1, though the score seemed sort of besides the point.

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