‘S**t Arabs Never Say’ Facebook Page Has Generated More Than 15,000 Likes In Just Three Months


An Arabic-Australian Facebook page poking fun at Arabic culture has over 27,000 likes and more than 40,000 Facebook users talking about it.

The page’s humour comes in the form of short posts detailing the polar opposite of what the moderators can imagine Arabic people saying, like “I’ll take that vegemite sandwich instead of that kebab” or “Habibi, your boyfriend seems really nice, ask him over to dinner.”

“We’re mainly Arabic Australians”, said one of the page’s moderators, who declined to be named, “In the past 30 days I’d say we’ve received 9000 likes or more.”

“The page’s audience was real [sic] low, especially in the first 2 months. We blew up after pulling quite a few tricks to blow any page up that would work, we’re still doing it now. In the past three months we’ve gone from 10,000 to 27,000.”

But, apart from their Arabic audience, he says that response to the page from the wider Facebook community has been mixed.

“The hostility goes beyond belief and is often very uncalled for,” said the page’s moderator, “most of our content is not even half as offensive as people take it [to be].”

“[Although the] majority of the fans are 13-16 year old immature Arabic kids, so I can see why we receive it. But it’s still unfair.”

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