This squirrel devouring an egg roll in an NYC park is the hero we didn't know we needed

Twitter/WhatIsNewYorkA squirrel eating an egg roll in New York
  • A New Years resolution of eating healthy? Not for this squirrel, who was filmed eating an egg roll almost as big as its body in New York this week.
  • The squirrel was filmed by a passerby as it sat in a tree and happily chomped on the snack.
  • Video of the meal was posted to Twitter on Wednesday, with the caption, “Doesn’t look like this squirrels [sic] first egg roll.”
  • The hefty squirrel quickly became a hero to embrace in 2019, with many people celebrating the video on social media.
  • It’s unclear how the squirrel lugged the giant egg roll up the tree, or how its tiny hands embrace such a large, tasty snack.

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