AMERICA THE RIDICULOUS: Presenting This Year's Hottest Toy


In the past we’ve seen people literally fighting in stores over the last Cabbage Patch Kid, Tickle Me Elmo, and Zhu Zhu Pet. Parents are known to do anything for their kids, especially when it comes to getting them the absolute coolest toy of the season.

We’d like to introduce this year’s hot toy… Squinkies. As the commercial says, they are “squishy, squishy, squashy, fun.”

Squinkies are created by a small Minnesota toy company, Blip Toys

Last year, Bill Nichols predicted Squinkies would be the biggest selling toy of this Christmas

Source: NYTimes

Stores nationwide were selling out of Squinkies as early as November

Buy them in a pack of 16 for $9.99

There are 382 Squinkies to collect

But what can kids DO with Squinkies??

Wear them as rings...

Or play with them in their own little homes.. (bought separately)

You can even download Squinkies colouring books on their website

Here's where you can buy Squinkies, or keep up with them on social media...

Now check out a few gifts that are a lot more useful...

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