A big hosting company is reporting a ‘major outage’

Explosion controlled demolition building collapse
Sites hosted by Squarespace have crashed. Martin Hunter/Getty Images

Hosting provider Squarespace is reporting a “major outage” on its website.

The outage has caused all sites hosted on Squarespace — a rival to WordPress, GoDaddy, and Wix.com — to go down.

A Squarespace team is investigating the cause of the outage, according to the company.

The exact number of Squarespace customers is unclear, but estimates suggest it could be around a million.

It’s been a bad week for hosting providers, with 123-reg also going down on Tuesday.


Twitter users raised their concern about the outage on Wednesday morning. Several businesses, including babywear company Oppi Designs, told their Twitter followers that they were experiencing technical issues.

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