Square Is Now Processing $2 Million Worth Of Payments Per Day

Earlier this afternoon, Square founder Jack Dorsey tweeted that the mobile payments startup has processed over $2 million worth of payments today.

Just back on March 2, the company passed $1 million a day.

Dorsey also posted a picture of Square’s internal dashboard to prove it. The dashboard also shows that the company had earned $59,930 in revenue today, up 40% from last Friday, and processed more than 23,000 transactions, up 17%. It looks like there are now 9,078 active users — up 14%.

The last two numbers are too hard to read.

Check it out below.

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Square dashboard on April 29 2011

[credit provider=”Jack Dorsey” url=”http://jackdorsey.posterous.com/wow-square-has-already-processed-over-2000000″]