How much space you get for $1,500 a month in rent depending on where in the world you live

New York City apartment buildingJaione_Garcia/ShutterstockRenters in New York pay six times as much as those in Shanghai for the same amount of space.

New Yorkers sacrifice a lot for location.

Among 30 of the most popular cities in the world, renters living in Manhattan shell out the most money for the least amount of space.

In the central borough of New York, renters can expect to pay $US5.44 per square foot, according to data gathered by RentCafé. Compare that to a city like Shanghai, where renters pay just $US0.88 per square foot, and Americans may want to consider living abroad.

Using RentCafé’s analysis of how much space $US1,500 a month gets renters around the world, we’ve highlighted 15 cities where the differences are stark. All prices are based on average rents for one-bedroom apartments.

Roll over the squares below to find how much square footage you can get for $US1,500 in rent around the world. In the graphic, “NYC” represents Manhattan.

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