Even At A Party, Square CEO Jack Dorsey Is Working

Jean-David Blanc, AlloCiné; Jack Dorsey, Square

Photo: Owen Thomas, Business Insider

We spotted Square CEO Jack Dorsey Thursday night at a San Francisco fundraiser thrown by actress Eliza Dushku and blogger Ben Parr for ThriveGulu, a charity which helps victims of the Ugandan civil war.Dorsey is also the executive chairman of Twitter, and he’s described his work schedule as eight hours a day at one company, then eight hours a day at the other.

So this is proof that he doesn’t always stick to that brutal regimen, perhaps!

Or perhaps not: Dorsey arrived late—just in time for a mention that ThriveGulu was taking donations using Square’s iconic credit-card swiper. And he spent the whole time wrapped in conversation with Jean-David Blanc, the French founder of AlloCiné who’s also an investor in Square.

So fair to say he was working the party, too.

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