Spying Allegations Against Australia Could 'Severely Damage Existing Relations' Says Malaysian Foreign Minister

Getty/ Matt Roberts.

The Malaysian government has summoned Australian and American diplomatic leaders in protest over spying allegations in Kuala Lumpur.

An article published by the SMH had alleged that Edward Snowden leaked top-secret maps identifying the locations of 90 US surveillance facilities in diplomatic embassies across the world.

The Financial Review has reported that the Malaysian Foreign Minister, Anifah Aman, met with the Australian Foreign Affairs Minister, Julie Bishop, in Perth to present the Australian government with a protest statement.

“Such activities are not done amongst close friends as it could severely damage existing relations,” Aman’s statement read. He also said the pair would work “to manage the situation and to avoid it from affecting the close bilateral relations”, reports the Fin.

China and Indonesia have also summoned their respective Australian ambassadors, wanting reasons for why embassies in Canberra were used to allegedly collect data as part of American surveillance.

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