OOPS: UK Admits It Was Spying On Russia With A Fake Rock Planted In Moscow

Spy Rock Moscow
An image of the rock, taken from Russian TV.

[credit provider=”AP”]

Six years ago, Russian TV reporters discovered a mysterious “spy rock” on the streets of Moscow, which British embassy staff appeared to be covertly accessing.The Kremlin claimed it had been planted by British spies, and used it as an excuse to crack down on pro-democracy groups. Tony Blair, then Prime Minister of the UK, refused to respond to the allegations at the time.

Well, it appears we will now know the truth.

The Daily Mail reports that the device was indeed planted by British spies, and tomorrow Blair’s former chief of staff is due to finally admit it. Speaking to a BBC documentary, Jonathan Powell is due to admit:

‘The spy rock was embarrassing. They had us bang to rights. Clearly they had known about it for some time and had been saving it up for a political purpose.’

The rock was able to record information. from a secret source, probably an FSB agent, which could then be picked up by British spies in the area.