Spy drone used to report workers for bludging

A drone was used to spy on workers on a construction site in Western Australia, who now stand accused of “idly working” and displaying “poor behaviour” on the job.

The document below, posted to Reddit today, is allegedly a daily productivity monitoring report prepared for subcontractor ECM, a construction and maintenance company.

Image: deltaSquee, Reddit Australia.

Business Insider contacted ECM to confirm its validity, but a representative told us “the report in question is not an ECM document, therefore we are not in a position to comment on the matter.”

The work site and location is listed as a “wet scrubber” — an air pollution control device for removing particles and gases from industrial exhaust streams.

According to the document, the drone monitored the site for a little under two hours, capturing photos and monitoring employee behaviour.

The drone operator drew some rather negative conclusions about the observations, saying:

  • Some workers poor behaviour monitored
  • Small group workers were talking and relaxing idly during working hours around 4:30pm at the wet scrubber building.

The report also offered recommendations and solutions to enhance productivity, suggesting “daily pre-start meetings” and to “remove or replace low performer or poor workmanship”.

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