Here's Why The Spurs Aren't Playing Any Of Their Good Players In Tonight's Big Game Against The Heat

Tony Parker Spurs Thunder Game 6Some NBA fans won’t be too happy about this

Photo: Harry How/Getty Images

The San Antonio Spurs will be without Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker, and Danny Green tonight against the Heat.They aren’t hurt.

Coach Gregg Popovich is just sending them back to Texas to get some rest, and to perhaps make a statement about the team’s brutal travel schedule early on.

From Jeff McDonald of the San Antonio Express-News:

“In retrospect, Popovich was probably hinting at the decision to come before Wednesday’s game in Orlando, when he admitted the most road-heavy November in team history was taking its toll on his players.

‘We’re getting tired,’ Popovich said. ‘We’ve had a six-day trip and a 10-day trip. Usually you don’t have that in one month.'”

It’s the team’s fourth game in five nights, and their 12th road game overall.

But given the high-profile nature of the game (it’s on TNT at 8 p.m.), this is still a pretty surprising move. It’s also kind of a bummer, this could have been one of the better games of the season.

They’re basically giving this one away.

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