Spurs Selfie Accurately Captures The Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs took a selfie and tweeted it out before Fan Appreciation Night on Tuesday.

The photo captures the essence of every individual player on the San Antonio Spurs.

Here it is:

The five best parts of this are as follows:

5. Tim Duncan: He is giving Marco Belinelli bunny ears. He is also flashing a peace sign, because bunny ears and peace signs are the two most Tim Duncan things you could possibly do while posing for a photograph.

4. Matt Bonner: Stare at Bonner’s face long enough and the optical illusion reveals itself. His head is smaller than those around him, even smaller than that of Belinelli, who is roughly the same distance from the camera.

3. Boris Diaw: “Heeeerreeee we go?!” he seems to be saying. You get the sense that this is the most exciting thing to happen in the Spurs locker room in months.

2. Patty Mills: Patty Mills is trying too hard, as is his nature.

1. Kawhi Leonard: Here is a man who has never heard of a selfie. It has no basketball utility, so he does not recognise it as a legitimate part of his world. This is silly, he thinks, only get half my face.

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