Sprite is covering its cans in lyrics from Drake, Nas, Rakim, and The Notorious B.I.G.

Sprite is bigging up its hip-hop heritage. Coca-Cola Company

Sprite is decking its cans in lyrics from rappers this summer in the US.

Next time you pick up a can of the lemon and lime-flavored drink it might have the words “know yourself, know your worth” from Drake’s “0 to 100,” or Nas’ “living longevity to the destiny,” from “If I Ruled The World.”

There will also be lyrics from Rakim and Notorious B.I.G.

Sprite says in a press release that the marketing push, which also includes outdoor and digital advertising, harks back to the early days of the brand. Back in 1986, Sprite says it was one of the first mainsteam brands to embrace hip-hop, creating a TV ad featuring rapper Kurtis Blow.

Over the years, Sprite campaigns have also featured other hip-hop artists such as Grandmaster Flash, A Tribe Called Quest, Missy Elliott, and Fat Joe.

The “Obey Your Verse” campaign, created by Wieden + Kennedy New York, features these lyrics:

Obey your verse Sprite

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