Sprint's NFL Fumble

Thursday night’s Packers-Cowboys game should be a good one. But because the game is being broadcast on pro football’s own NFL Network, New Yorkers who want to watch will need to find a TV that gets DirectTV (DTV) or Dish Network (DISH) — the only two systems that carry the network around here. For us, this means we’ll be parked at the local pub.

What’s that? You’re not a drinker? Then Sprint has another, lousy option: The carrier will broadcast live snippets of the game to some of its subscribers:

The coverage will be provided by NFL Network which will produce a three-hour studio-based show that will be streamed live on NFL.com and via wireless exclusively to Sprint subscribers. Highlights of that coverage include live game action when a team enters the red zone, during scheduled time slots at the :15 and :45 marks, and at other critical moments in a game…

“Sprint continues to drive innovation with NFL fans,” said Steve Gaffney, Sprint’s director of sports sponsorships. “Fans tell us they want to have the ability to watch live NFL game broadcasts on their phones and we’re enabling them to do that.

Except you’re not: You’re letting fans watch a studio-based show that will occasionally run highlights — or something — from a live NFL game. And even if anyone did want to watch that on their phones, their handsets would run out of juice long before halftime. See you at the bar. Release

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