Sprint To WSJ Readers: Check Out What Gizmodo Says About Us!


We saw a funny thing on the Wall Street Journal‘s Web site this morning: a Sprint ad that links directly and only to a post on Gizmodo, Gawker Media’s gadget blog.

The copy reads, “According to a Gizmodo study, Sprint has the fastest 3G download speeds in NYC compared to AT&T and Verizon.”

In one sense, it’s completely obvious that Sprint would do this. Gizmodo had 98 million pageviews last month; it and AOL’s Engadget are the place for gadget reviews and news.

But in another sense, it’s a remarkable sign of legitimacy for new media in general that Sprint would assume Wall Street Journal readers are impressed by anything an oft-scandalous, always irreverent, nonsense-named, blog called Gizmodo would have to say.

Remember how just last month, CNBC refused to specifically name Gizmodo during the whole Steve Jobs bruhaha and instead obliquely referred to its reports as coming from “blogs on the Internet”?

Here’s the ad in context:


Here’s where clicking on the ad takes you:



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