Sprint Offers New Customers $100 Off Palm Pre*

Update: Sprint confirms this was an error, and that this deal is off. More here.

Previously: Sprint is offering a $100 service credit to new customers who buy the Palm Pre, the company announced on its Web site.

The $100 will be applied to the customer service bill within three invoices. The Palm Pre currently costs $199 after discounts and mail-in rebates, so the $100 service credit effectively means a 50% discount. (With a 2-year contract.)

Is this a sign that Sprint’s September quarter is not as good as planned? Piper Jaffray analyst Chris Larsen said in a research note, via the WSJ, “We believe that the new promotion could indicate that net additions have been trending lower than the company expected for the third quarter.”

The Palm Pre launched in June. While it’s an impressive gadget, it probably has served mostly as a rentention tool for Sprint — and not something that’s drawn new customers to the service. This discount could help a little.

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