Sprint Nextel Just Had Its Best Quarter In A Long Time

danhesse tbiYou mean I get to do another commercial now?

Sprint Nextel shares are up 5% in pre-market trading after the carrier posted its best quarter in a long time.Sprint’s turnaround is far from complete, but some encouraging signs from its Q4 report include:

  • Postpaid subscriber GAIN, not LOSS: 58,000 net subscriber gains during Q4. Not as high as some estimated, but finally not in the red.
  • Better customer retention: 1.86% “churn” — its best Q4 number ever.
  • 1.1 million wireless subscriber additions, its best in almost 5 years
  • Strong free cash flow: $913 million vs. Baird estimate of $226 million

Customer service stats are improving -- very important for churn

Best ever churn in Q4, an important metric

1.1 million net adds, its best growth quarter in almost 5 years

A big gain over last year, while other carriers didn't grow as much in 2010 as 2009

Finally, some growth at Sprint

Free cash flow was strong

Stronger gross adds meant more subsidies, which takes a hit on margins

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