Sprint: Have A Question For Our CEO? Ask Some Tech Dude In Arizona! (S)

We appreciate Sprint Nextel’s earnest efforts to appear as a more concerned, transparent company — as far as customer satisfaction is concerned, the carrier can use any help it can get. But next time you ask people to reach out to your CEO, get his contact info right!

In a press release today, Sprint (S) touts a new service called “Ready Now” that it’s going to be promoting in a TV commercial “making its debut this weekend and airing prominently during Sunday’s Emmy Awards.” The main idea: Sprint employees set up your phone one-on-one in their stores and teach you how to use it. This actually sounds helpful.

Have a question or comment? As it’s done in the past, Sprint’s release invites you to contact its new CEO, Dan Hesse. (Pictured left.) But this time, it included the wrong contact info:

Shoot a note to www.askdan.com and tell us about your experience and let us know what you’d like to see next.”

The problem: AskDan.com is not a Sprint site — it’s a tiny tech support company owned by Dan Lee of Phoenix — pictured above, right — advertising his “group of computer and network specialists that are available in the Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas” with “experience with Microsoft and Novell based networks.”

In a second release, Sprint corrected the error with Dan Hesse’s “real” contact info[email protected] — but probably not before several people found the Arizona IT consultancy. We don’t know how many pings Dan Lee has received, but the site says it was last updated today — and the “contact us” page is missing.

As our tipster notes, “Thankfully, no one will read this far down in the release, but I hope they don’t invite folks to that URL at the Emmys.”

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