Sprint: Free Calls To ALL Mobile Phones

danhesse tbi

A day after AT&T unveiled a new “calling circles” deal, Sprint Nextel just upped the ante.

The no. 3 carrier will allow subscribers who spend more than $69.99 per month on voice and data service — pretty much anyone with a BlackBerry, Palm Pre, or smartphone — to call any wireless number in the U.S., anytime, without using voice minutes. (This includes incoming and outgoing calls.)

AT&T’s “A-List,” announced yesterday, offers allows unlimited calling to and from five “VIP” numbers — wireless or landline — for customers spending $59.99 on voice service. (T-Mobile has offered the similar “MyFaves” for a few years, which offers free, unlimited calling to five phone numbers.)

What’s the point?

Sprint needs to try any trick it can afford to get new subscribers in the door and to get existing subscribers to stick around. And for both carriers, touting these deals on plans above $60 could help get customers to spend more money per month on service, even if it means a lower chance of lucrative overage charges.

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