Sprint Blowing Palm Pre Marketing -- At Least At This Store

sprint instinct flatiron

Sprint Nextel (S) needs the new Palm Pre (PALM) to be a hit just as badly as Palm does.

After watching millions of subscribers stream out the doors to rival carriers like AT&T and Verizon, Sprint needs to yell to the world that it finally has a phone worth sticking around for.

So with that in mind, why is Sprint still using key real estate — the glass front to its 23rd/Broadway store, the Flatiron Building location that’s featured in many Sprint television commercials — to advertise a crappier, year-old phone?

Last Friday afternoon, when hundreds of people were crowded around the Apple store to buy new iPhones, all Sprint wanted to show off in these windows was the Samsung Instinct.

Plenty of Pre signs at other Sprint stores in New York, but not the one that thousands of people walk past every day. This should be the biggest, most beautiful Palm Pre shrine in the world. Another opportunity wasted.

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