10 fashion trends you can expect to see everywhere this spring

Matthew Sperzel / ContributorTie-dye bucket hats are perfect for spring.
  • This spring, expect to see cowboy-inspired looks and plenty of tie-dye outfits.
  • Chunky “dad” sneakers, as well as bright-orange pieces, will likely be trending this spring.
  • Retro swimsuits are coming back in style.
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With the turn of the weather and the influx of butterflies and flower buds, it’s safe to say spring is in full bloom, which means it’s finally time to tuck your winter parka into the further corner of your closet and break out all your favourite warm-weather gear.

Last year, spring was all about the slip dress and pastel colour blocking. This year, the trends lean more on the wild side, with animal print and bold colours taking over Instagram feeds everywhere.

Here are 10 clothing trends you can expect to see everywhere this season.

Tie-dye is back.

Gotham / ContributorGigi Hadid recently rocked the tie-dye trend.

Gigi Hadid rocked a cropped tie-dye print shirt and, therefore, it’s all but guaranteed you’re about to see this ’60s trend everywhere this season. Pair a tie-dyed shirt with some pearl details or minimalist choker necklaces for added spring chicness. Or, if you’re a bit more daring, consider rocking a pair of tie-dye shoes.

Embrace the cow-print vibes.

Matthew Sperzel / ContributorConsider embracing the trend full-on with a cow-print coat.

On the heels of Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus’s hit “Old Town Road,” and the fact that quite literally everyone seemed to own a pair of cowboy boots this winter, it’s not surprising there seems to be an influx in cow-print clothing emerging this spring.

Kylie Jenner has hopped on the trend with a cow print swimsuit and Ariana Grande was spotted sporting a moo-moo inspired manicure. You can all but expect to see an influx in cowboy-inspired gear throughout the spring and into summer.

Trade in flowers for fruit.

Matthew Sperzel / ContributorCherry-print accessories will likely be especially popular.

Florals for spring isn’t exactly a new trend, so this year, swap your daisies for fruit and watch as everyone else follows suit. From a lemon-printed dress and beaded watermelon cardholder to a petite charmed bracelet-scrunchie, you can’t go wrong with a little tropical fruit to sweeten up your spring.

Don’t be afraid of a little orange.

Christian Vierig / ContributorThough it might seem intimidating, the colour orange is perfect for spring.

While some people can’t stop praising the return of lavender this spring, they seem to be ignoring the mango and turmeric colours that have been popping up lately. Perhaps inspired by the massive poppy bloom in California, don’t be afraid to embrace orange this spring.

It’s warm, inviting, and quite honestly anyone can pull it off.

Don’t hate on the “dad” shoes.

Edward Berthelot / ContributorChunky sneakers will likely be everywhere this spring.

Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and perhaps every other major celebrity has shown that “dad shoes” are going to be everyone’s go-to shoe this spring. From Fila’s pink chunky shoe to Puma’s Thunder Desert Sneaker, these shoes aren’t just for dads anymore. Style these bulky sneakers with your go-to skinny jeans or your favourite fruit-covered spring dress.

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The polka-dot trend seems to be blowing up.

Jeremy Moeller / ContributorA black and white polka dot shirt pairs well with black trousers.

One of the biggest spring trends will definitely be black and white polka dots a la “101 Dalmatians,” or Minnie Mouse, depending on your preferred Disney inspiration.

For example, this windbreaker from Fila x Disney Villains at Urban Outfitters is giving major Cruella De Vil vibes. Meanwhile, the polka dot trend could be seen all over the runway in 2018 with Carolina Herrera, Jason Wu, and more embracing the debonair trend.

Fanny packs may never go out of style.

Hanna Lassen / ContributorFanny packs are both convenient and fashionable.

Put your preconceived notions about fanny packs aside and embrace the bag typically associated with tourists. Shedding its awkward past, fanny packs have become haute couture over the past few seasons and this spring is no different.

Tout around your spring essentials in a vintage fanny pack you scavenged at your local thrift store, or just look online at any major retailer as pretty much everyone has a fanny pack option on site.

Transparent clothing can’t be ignored.

Matthew Sperzel / ContributorA transparent coat is also rain-proof.

Another spring, another opportunity to embrace the transparent clothing trend. From bags and raincoats to high heels and even jeans, there’s nothing more spring than a good, old-fashioned see-through statement piece.

And, seeing as April is known for its unpredictable rain showers, owning an article of clothing that’s guaranteed to be rain-proof isn’t a bad option.

Retro swimsuits are having a moment.

Victor VIRGILE / ContributorModels rocked high-waisted swimsuits at this year’s fashion shows.

There’s no better time to break out your swimsuit than the first sign of spring. This year, retro looks are back in style with high-waisted bikini bottoms and belted one-pieces making the poolside all the more fashionable.

Square necklines are all the rage.

Edward Berthelot / ContributorPair square necklines with flowy pieces.

Embrace the prairie look and give in to the square neckline trend this season. V-necks and scoop necks have had their moment and 2019 is the year that square necklines will shine.

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