This App Monitors Your Sex Life And Rates Your Performance In Bed

Wearable activity trackers like the Fitbit and FuelBand have seemingly spawned a trend in which people track nearly anything and everything about their lives.
Mobile app Spreadsheets takes this a step further — it tracks your performance in bed. Spreadsheets provides both statistical and historical feedback by tracking your movements and audio levels. (You have to leave the phone on the mattress beside you in order for it to monitor your activity.)

The app rewards you with status titles for things like having sex for more than 40 minutes, having a “lazy Sunday,” where you have sex at least five times on Sunday, or having sex first thing in the morning.

Pop open the app to start quantifying your sex life.

Specify which gender you are so that Spreadsheets can give you appropriate feedback.

Since Spreadsheets relies on your phone's accelerometer, you need to calibrate it based on the type of mattress you have.

Now, choose your ideal love life so that Spreadsheets can determine how 'spicy' the feedback will be.

The next step is to calibrate your iPhone for movement. To do this, bounce around for a bit on your bed.

Keep bouncing.

Now we're talking.

Now it's time to get busy. Tap 'Yes' to start tracking your rendezvous.

The bottom line shows movement and the top line shows sound. Since this was strictly for the purpose of a walkthrough, there wasn't much sound.

Done after 12 seconds?!? That's cool, I guess.

After each encounter, Spreadsheets will reward you with achievements like 'Data Virgin,' 'Quick Spread,' and 'Morning Glory.'

Spreadsheets breaks down the length of your 'shag,' total thrusts per minute, and highest decibel reached.

The calendar view lets you quickly see how much sex you're having per day.

It also makes it easy to remember all of your averages...


And total stats.

Here, you can see all of the rewards you're able to achieve.

Ready to do it again? Have fun!

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