Meet The Fascinating Spouses Behind The Nation's Supreme Court Justices

Mary Davis Anthony Kennedy wedding dayMary Davis and Anthony Kennedy on their wedding day in 1963.

Photo: Courtesy Kennedy Family, Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States

While the public mostly sees the nation’s Supreme Court justices mulling health care or political campaign funding, they still manage to lead a (mostly) regular life.That life includes spouses you rarely hear about.

One of the spouses even— and you would never guess who — cooked dinner, once a term, for a justice’s clerks.

Jane Sullivan Roberts

Jane Sullivan Roberts is a partner at the Washington legal search firm, Major, Lindsey and Africa. She graduated from the College of the Holy Cross in 1976. Clarence Thomas is another alumnus of the school, who graduated only five years earlier.

Mary Davis Kennedy

Mary Davis, a schoolteacher, married Anthony Kennedy in 1963. They have two sons and a daughter, according to

Martin Ginsburg

Martin Ginsburg was a Harvard Law graduate and a Georgetown Law professor specializing in tax law. An interesting fact is that he used to cook a meal for his wife's clerks once per term, according to this book on the high court. Martin Ginsburg passed away in 2010.

Virginia Thomas

Ginni Thomas is an attorney and a Republican like her husband. In 2009, she founded Liberty Central, a group that opposes the leftist 'tyranny' of President Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats, The New York Times has reported.

Maureen Scalia

The Scalias have nine children, perhaps leaving little time for Maureen to do much else. But now she is a pro-life advocate and 'crisis pregnancy counselor' for the anti-abortion group Nurturing Network, keeping with the family's Catholic faith.

Joanna Freda Hare

Joanna Freda Hare -- the Honorable Joanna Freda Hare to be exact -- is a member of the British aristrocracy, according to the Britannica Concise Encyclopedia. The daughter of a viscount, Hare has been married to Breyer since 1967. She has a Ph.D. in psychology and works at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Martha Alito

Martha-Ann Alito met her husband due to his many visits to the law library as a legal clerk. She was, at the time, a law librarian.

She has been described as 'the kind of warm and vivacious person who meets a new friend every day,' while Samuel Alito is 'bookish and quiet,' according to a book on the high court by Jan Crawford Greenburg.

Kevin Noonan

High school sweethearts Kevin Noonan and Sonia Sotomayor married just before Sotomayor entered law school in 1976, but divorced a few years later, according to The New York Times.

Noonan is a partner at the McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff law firm and specialises in intellectual property law.

Elena Kagan never married, but you can see a picture of her as a child here ...

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