Spotted: Steve Forbes On His Way To Get Duped By Shake Shack

mean tweetWhat?! Free Shake Shack!?

Aweome update: Alexa Scordato just emailed us and let us know what happened.”My colleagues and I were helping our client Zyrtec, launch a new liquid gel tablet.  We invited members of the press and NY blogger community to join us for lunch and had a surplus of Shake Shack on hand.”

Alexa works for Porter Novelli, a PR company. They’re sending us over a “special treat,” so we love them. Thank you!

When our friend alerted us to this tweet from Anthony DeRosa –>We obviously ran straight over. So did Steve Forbes, presumably, since we just saw him walking in the direction of Shake Shack down 5th ave and 22nd street.

We were both duped – there is no free Shake Shack.

We think the rumour originated with this tweet from Michelle DeForest. What were you thinking, girl? This is just mean:

mean tweetThe original tweet

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