Spotted: Henry Kravis At The Australia Premiere

So there we were at the Ziegfeld theatre on Monday night for the U.S. premiere of Australia, waiting for Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman to make their way down the loooong red carpet, when who did we happen to see but Henry Kravis! What was the KKR CEO doing there?

Was he just invited because he’s Henry Kravis? Is he in the midst of some secret dealmaking with Rupert Murdoch, there with his wife Wendi and son James? Is he a big Nicole Kidman fan? Or was he hitting up Hugh Jackman to find out the secrets to being People‘s Sexiest Man Alive? We bet that’s it. We wouldn’t be surprised if Henry steals the title from Hugh next year. After all, Neel Kashkari was on this year’s list.

We would’ve asked him, but what do you say to Henry Kravis?!

Plus, read how Lauren Bacall shamed an interviewer who dared ask her what she was doing there.

NY Observer: “What brings me out tonight?” Ms. Bacall snapped. “I’m not even going to answer that question because it is too dumb. What brings me out tonight? That is so dumb. Don’t ever ask a question like that.” (The scorned reporter politely backed off.)

Beware Lauren Bacall and Anna Wintour, who was also apparently there, but we didn’t see her. We think her photos were CGI’d.

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