SPOTTED: Batman’s Lamborghini Was Just Pulled Over In Maryland

It seems that Bruce Wayne occasionally dresses in his Batman garb and takes out his personal Lamborghini.

This scene, which is from the Twitter page of the Montgomery Country Police Department in Maryland (which we found thanks to Jalopnik), speaks for itself.

It seems that this Lamborghini owner decided that a Batman outfit is perfectly appropriate attire to go out in during a weekday. We bet there are no plates on the car so people cannot find out the location of the Bat Cave.

Mongomery County Police have not said if there were any Batarangs at the scene. There are also rumours that The Riddler was pulled over in a Dodge Dart not too far down the road.

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Batman Lamborghini

[credit provider=”Montgomery County PD Twitter” url=”!/mcpnews/status/183230340440133633/photo/1″]

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