SPOTTED: A Matte Black Ferrari Has Found A Home In Singapore

Whenever someone says the word Ferrari, an image of a sleek red sports car is typically what comes to mind.

However, this Ferrari Testarossa 512M that was found in Singapore by our friend Zal Dastur is quite a bit different.

The 512M was never a particularly pretty car, but we can’t help but think that the matte black colour of this one makes it look a bit like a stealth fighter and actually, quite cool.

As a bonus, eagle-eyed readers will notice a 997-generation Porsche 911 Turbo lurking in the background.

Have you spotted a rare or unusual car/plane/train/boat/industry person in your travels? Did you take a photo? Do you like sharing?

If you answered yes to these questions, please send the picture to [email protected] with the subject line “Spotted.” Be sure to include where you saw it to be considered for our Photo of the Day.

Ferrari 512M

Photo: Courtesy Zal Dastur

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