Spot Runner Enters Local Political Advertising Race

Spot Runner’s newest target for its low-cost, Web-based TV ad service: local politicians. The company has assembled a big-time roster of politicos for advice, including Sen. Bill Bradley, Democratic strategist Bob Schrum, and Republican consultants Mike Murphy and Dan Schnur.

How does it work? Spot Runner produced a bunch of stock ads in advance, in broad, hot-button categories, such as “Tough on Crime,” “Immigration Border” and “Fundraiser-Change.” Candidates change the voice-over and the subtitles, and voila — a campaign ad. Spot Runner then targets based on voting district maps, demographics, or donor data, and books the ad on TV.

What’s the point? A big part of the push is trying to reach candidates who never thought they’d be able to afford TV advertising. Candidates could get an ad created for between $500 and $2,000, and a two-week local campaign could start at as little as $2,500, well within the budgets of state and citywide candidates. Below, an example of a campaign ad cued up and ready to stir up voter ire:

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