Spotify's popular Discover Weekly playlists didn't update today and people are freaking out

Discover Weekly has quickly become one of Spotify’s most formidable weapons in its fight against Apple Music.

The feature, which debuted in July, delivers a personalised playlist to its users each week on Monday morning. The playlist runs about two hours long and is assembled by Spotify’s algorithms, in sharp contrast to Apple which relies more on celebrity “human” curation.

But this morning, something odd happened — or rather, didn’t. Discover Weekly playlists all around the world failed to update, and the internet went crazy.

Discover Weekly has quickly become a fan favourite, and as BuzzFeed points out, the reactions on Twitter show just how upset people were that it didn’t arrive in their metaphorical mailbox to cure their Monday gloom.

Here are some of the best reactions:






A Spotify spokesperson told Business Insider that users should not worry. The Spotify team is fine-tuning the creation mechanism and the feature should be back to normal by tomorrow at the latest.


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