Spotify's Pandora-Killing Feature Is Ready To Go

Spotify finally rolled out its highly-anticipated playlist radio station feature for its desktop apps today.

Now Spotify lets you create radio stations that play songs by similar songs and artists in your playlists. (It’s similar to Pandora, but Spotify uses your already-made playlists to immediately generate a radio station.)

But we think Spotify’s radio is a lot better than Pandora’s. Pandora only lets you create a station based on one artist, song, or album at a time. Spotify looks at your entire playlist, which could be a mixture of songs or artists, to come up with a radio station. That means you’re getting songs based on the music you’ve already been used to listening to.

Here’s how to give it a try.

When listening to a playlist, click “Start Playlist Radio.” This will create a custom radio station of songs similar to the one in your playlist.

spotify create radio station

Photo: Screenshot

This is what it looks like when you’re listening to a radio station. You can skip a song if you don’t like it.

spotify listen to radio station

Photo: Screenshot

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