It looks like Spotify is finally coming to the Xbox

For the past few years, PlayStation 3 and 4 owners have enjoyed access to the world’s most popular music streaming service: Spotify. It’s been an “exclusive,” meaning that consoles like Microsoft’s Xbox One and Nintendo’s Switch couldn’t get the app.

Now, as several leaks seemingly reveal, it looks like that service is finally coming to the Xbox One.

Xbox One (Spotify)

The image above comes from a Microsoft training website, which was then posted to the Xbox One subreddit — the highlighted language points to an upcoming Spotify app on the Xbox One. But if that was the only evidence, this might be little more than smoke.

A second potential indicator that Spotify is coming to the Xbox One comes from a Microsoft employee who was spotted using the service. Xbox spokesperson Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb was seen using “Spotify for Xbox One” in the app’s friend activity feed:

Major Nelson/Spotify

Though we have no idea what to expect from an Xbox One version of the Spotify app, we have some ideas based on how it works on the PlayStation 4. In the case of Spotify on PS4, you can outright replace any game’s music with whatever you’re playing from Spotify; better yet, you can retain sound effects from the game’s audio while playing that music over the game.

On the PS4, both the free and paid versions of Spotify function in much the same way they function elsewhere — the paid app is commercial-free, while the free version has occasional ad breaks. The app also seamlessly integrates into the PlayStation 4’s quick menu overlay, which we expect would function similarly on the Xbox One.

Of note, Spotify isn’t available on any Xbox platform — whether you’re talking about Xbox 360 or Xbox One — thus far, nor has Microsoft or Spotify indicated that it’s coming. A Spotify representative declined to comment on the leaks, and Microsoft didn’t get back to us as of publishing.

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