LEAKED: Spotify’s Plans For U.S. Domination

Now that we know Spotify is definitely coming to the U.S., the question is when.

rumours suggest as early as next week, but in the meantime Peter Kafka has snagged a few marketing materials Spotify prepared for the U.S. launch.

Of note: Spotify says Facebook will be a huge player in building a user base in the States. It predicts 150 million users will start seeing Spotify activity in news feeds on launch.

(Keep in mind Spotify has had Facebook integration all along, allowing users to share playlists and see what friends are listening to. This is different than the rumoured Facebook-Spotify partnership that will allow users to stream music within Facebook.)

Here’s the summary of Spotify’s U.S. strategy:

spotify US launch strategy

[credit provider=”All Things D” url=”http://allthingsd.com/20110708/heres-how-spotify-plans-to-invade-the-u-s-with-facebooks-help/”]

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