Spotify now features an eerie 'Stranger Things' Easter egg -- here's how to see it

Stranger things 2Netflix‘Stranger Things 2.’
  • Spotify’s desktop players now feature an eerie “Stranger Things” overlay.
  • To make it appear, play a song from the show’s soundtracks on a Spotify web player or desktop app.
  • The second season of “Stranger Things” premieres Friday on Netflix.

In advance of the “Stranger Things” season two premiere on Netflix this Friday, Spotify’s desktop players now feature a hidden Easter egg that appears when you play the soundtrack for either season of the series.

As The Verge notes, the eerie overlay feature, inspired by the alternate universe of the show’s “Upside Down,” crawls along the playback bar, looking like a flashlight moving through the dark, spore-covered realm.

All you have to do to see the feature is play a song from the show’s soundtrack for a few seconds on a Chrome or Spotify-enabled browser, or on the desktop app.

I was only able to get the hidden feature to pop up on the Spotify web player, but my colleague was able to see it on her Spotify desktop app (though she has also received screeners of the show’s second season for a review, so that may be beyond my Netflix-sanctioned purview).

Listen to the “Stranger Things 2” soundtrack on Spotify.

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