Here’s why no student should buy Apple Music

Spotify itunes fight 2

Apple Music, the new streaming music service from Apple, opens for a fairly reasonable price at $US9.99 per month, and $US15.99 per family. But as decent as that is, student’s shouldn’t spend the money. They should get the biggest rival to Apple Music, Spotify instead.

Sure Apple has the Taylor Swift advantage over Spotify, and it’s streaming 24-hour radio service “Beats 1” that sounds awesome, but it’s still not worth it for college kids.

Spotify has a sweet deal that allows students everywhere to stream their premium service for only $US4.99 per month (50% off), for an entire year. It’s really easy to set up, and would save $US60.

All you have to do is go to, click ‘Get Premium,’ and then have verification you are actually a student.

Spotify verifies you’re a student using a verification tool called SheerID. You give Spotify your information (name, college, date of birth), they share it with SheerID, and then determine if you qualify based on SheerID and their own discretion.

After that, enjoy your Spotify premium service at a 50% discount for the next year.

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