Mayor Bloomberg Helped Spotify Announce Its Big NYC Hiring Spree

mayor bloomberg at spotify

Music streaming service Spotify along with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced an expansion of the company’s staff and a new office today.

Spotify plans to bring 130 new engineering and tech jobs to New York City by the end of 2014. The company currently employs approximately 75 engineers and 75 workers in sales and other areas.

Because of the expansion, Spotify is moving to a new office in New York City’s Chelsea neighbourhood. The new space will be the company’s largest office in the US.

Spotify will move into the space in September.

Spotify is currently located in Google’s NYC headquarters across from the famous Chelsea Market. Earlier this year, there were rumours of a move because Google needs more space in the building.

Mayor Bloomberg, along with his Chief Digital Officer Rachel Haot used today’s announcement as an opportunity to tout New York City’s emerging tech industry. 

“Spotify’s decision to expand and grow here in New York City along with its plan to hire 130 engineers underscores the reasons why we’ve made such a strong push to increase the ability for students to study science, technology, engineering, and mathematics,” said Bloomberg.

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