You Can Now Listen To Your Spotify Playlists For Free On Any Device (And Play Led Zeppelin)

Spotify CEOBusiness InsiderSpotify CEO Daniel Ek

It’s official: Spotify announced this morning that it’s making mobile streaming free for all users on any device.

Previously, only paid, premium users could listen to their playlists on smartphones or tablets.

Users will also be able to shuffle through entire catalogues of any artist, create playlists on their phones. The free mobile streaming will be ad-supported, just like it is on desktops.

CEO Daniel Ek also revealed that users can now stream Led Zeppelin’s entire catalogue on Spotify. Before now, the band refused to partner with any streaming services, and Spotify now has exclusive streaming rights.

Ek announced that in the past five years, people have created 1.5 billion playlists on Spotify, and that the service has expanded into 35 markets, and is adding 25 new countries today.

“I believe that we’re giving people the best music experience ever in the history of the smartphone,”

Ek said.

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