Spotify Is Still Two Labels Away From Launching In The US, Negotiations Continue

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We reported yesterday that Spotify would be partnering with Facebook for a streaming music service in as little as two weeks, but not in the US.Spotify just told the Wall Street Journal that there is “no fixed timeline” for a US launch, but it will be happening “as soon as possible” as negotiations continue with record labels.

Spotify signed Sony and EMI in January and February (respectively), but still needs Universal and optionally Warner to launch in the US.

TechCrunch Europe reports that Spotify likely wouldn’t launch Facebook integration in the US for at least some time after (if) the full-fledged service launches.

But that still doesn’t mean a Facebook and Spotify partnership won’t launch in Europe first. It could still be in “as little as two weeks.”

Considering Apple is very close to launching its cloud music service, perhaps Spotify will have some better luck soon if it can negotiate similar terms with Universal and Warner.

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(Via TechCrunch Europe, WSJ)