The NYSE accidentally raised the wrong flag right before the Spotify IPO

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

  • On the morning of the Spotify IPO, the New York Stock Exchange made a PR blooper.
  • Intending to honor Spotify’s direct lising on Tuesday, the NYSE accidentally raised the flag of Switzerland instead of Sweden.
  • The mishap was corrected in a matter of minutes.

An hour or so before Spotify was scheduled to ring the bell on Tuesday morning, Wall Street’s most iconic building flew the Swiss flag instead of the Swedish one.

One of the people to make note of the mistake was Sven Carlsson, a Swedish tech reporter who covers Spotify for Di Digital.

The caption of his tweet read:

“An extreme amount of “lol” at Wall Street when the NYSE raises the Swiss flag.”

About 15 minutes later, Carlsson featured an “after” photo with the correct Swedish flag fronting the NYSE.

“A mistake,” the stock exchange’s security guard quipped, according to Carlsson.

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