How Spotify Is Fighting The Fact That Americans Don't Care About It

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After years of wait, Spotify is now available in the US!There’s one problem: Americans don’t care about it anymore. 

After covering Spotify’s US launch, our West Coast Editor Matt Rosoff remarked on Twitter that people don’t click on Spotify stories like they used to.

It makes sense: we’ve been hearing for years about how great Spotify is and how it’s-coming-soon-for-real-this-time. Now there’s fatigue. 

Spotify is trying to fight this by partnering with Klout, a startup that ranks social media influencers. Right now Spotify is invite-only. You can get in right away if you pay for a premium subscription–or if you’re one of Klout’s top 100,000 US influencers, who get invites first. And they’re talking about it, as you can see if you follow the #SpotifyPerk hashtag on Twitter.

Is this going to work? As much as the concept of “social media influencers” is overhyped, probably, if only because Spotify is such a great product.

This Paris-based writer has been a happy Spotify Premium subscriber for years, using it every day, and so it makes sense that once people start using it they will love it, and once they love it they will tell their friends. And all else being equal, if these people have more Twitter followers and Facebook friends, that should mean more interest in Spotify.

(Thanks to FT reporter Tim Bradshaw for alerting us.)

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