Spotify is flying the company flag at half mast in memory of David Bowie

Spotify’s office in San Francisco is flying its flag at half mast this week in memory of David Bowie.

Bowie died after an 18-month battle with cancer at age 69, on Sunday night, January 10th. Distraught fans have spent the days since memorializing the pioneering rocker in their own ways. 

That includes Spotify, as confirmed by a company spokesperson. Take a look at this photo snapped of Spotify’s roof earlier this week by Hoodline engineer Chris Kolodin:

It’s stayed this way until at least today, through a rare San Francisco rainstorm:

Bowie, as a big proponent of the Internet as a platform for music, would likely have enjoyed this particular tribute from the music streaming app.

David Bowie’s most recent and final album “Blackstar,” has been tearing up the Spotify charts, alongside classic singles like “Let’s Dance,” “Heroes,” and duet with Queen singer Freddie Mercury, “Under Pressure.” 


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